Hybernia Theatre


Hybernia Theatre and its location have a rich history. In the 14th century, Emperor Charles IV built the St. Ambrosius monastery here which gradually fell under different orders, the Benedictines, Minorites, and finally in the 17th century the Irish Franciscans.

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In late-18th century the monastery was shut down on the order of Emperor Joseph II and the church was desecrated. Still, the place was called „U Hybernů“ (Hybernia means Ireland in Latin). For a long time it served for exhibition purposes, but during an extensive renovation, which was completed in 2006, it was transformed into a theatre. At present, there are held mostly musical shows, concerts of pop music, classical music concerts, the best of the famous ballets (The Best of Swan Lake, The Best of Romeo and Juliet ...) and operas performed by leading Czech artists - soloists of the National Theatre.

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namesti Republiky 4
(Republic Square 4)
Prague 1

How to get there

The Theatre Hybernia is situated in the centre of Prague in the "Namesti Republiky" Square.

Line B (yellow) - Náměstí Republiky stop

No. 8, 14, 26, 91 - Náměstí Rebubliky  stop